Extension Activities

KVK organizes various extension activities for dissemination of the technologies developed under demonstrations and OFTs. Due to organization of extension activities, the outreach of the KVK has increased. Similarly the farmers who do not have the benefit of training, demonstration and OFTs are also benefited through these activities. KVK organizes annually one to two kisan mela as well as exhibitions.

KVK organizes different activities, like exposure visits, group discussions, workshop and seminars, ex-trainees meet, exhibitions for the members of the Farmers Club and SHGs. KVK participated in 19 state level and 4 national level exhibitions. In these exhibitions KVK has received best stall award and appreciation certificate.

Various mass media have played a key role in dissemination of technologies from the KVK. The major contribution is made by All India Radio particularly Rampur station. The live phone in programme (Hello Kisan) and kisan vidyalaya (Farmer Field School) have become more popular programmes among the farmers of the district where the KVK is making major contribution. Television is another media where KVK has received significant response. KVK also published eight extension literatures on management of pests and diseases in major crops, Soil testing and soil health, Sustainable wheat production and Organic farming, which have been circulated to more than 30,000 farmers.